Who is a Minister?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say

Do you think of an ordained Pastor or the Head of a congregation?
I was talking with a person from an organized group and that person
told me that we can't possibly grow or learn God's Way if we don't
have a minister to teach us. I told that person, "I am a minister"
and by that persons reaction you would have thought I blasphemed
or committed sacrilege.

What is the real Bible definition of a minister? According to
Strong's concordance a minister is translated from a Greek word
diakonos #1249 and it literally means Servant. It is also translated as
Deacon. The same Greek word is translated as minister deacon and servant.
It's almost like someone tries to create a hierarchy using the same Greek
word. There are other tenses of this word Diakoneo #1247 and Diakonia #1248
meaning to serve; to be of service.

Well what I want to do is go through the scriptures to see what the
Bible teaches on the subject of minister.

Mat. 20:26 Jesus is telling us we should become ministers. In some Bibles
it is translated correctly as Servant.

Rom. 16:1 Here is Phoebe who is a woman and Paul tells us she is a minister
Ep. 4:1-7,11-13 vs 7 We are shown that everyone has a gift of grace.
Vs 11-13 Apostle, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers are services
rendered to the church for equipping of the saints for edifying the
body of Christ. Christ is our measuring stick. These are not offices
but services. Heb. 5:12 Paul says we all ought to be teachers which is
a service to the church and in my opinion everyone can be a teacher
Ep. 3:7; Col. 3:16. Paul became a minister or servant not because he was ordained,
but according to the gift of God's grace. 1Cor. 16:15; 2Cor. 9:1-2,12-13
Ministering or serving to the saints is a fellowship (it is something we
all take part in) a giving of the self to God.

Let's explore Deacon.
1Tim. 3:8-13 Why are these verses here? We have a qualification for
a deacon but not for a prophet, apostle, teacher or evangelist.
King James compiled the Bible and he considered himself to be the
head of the church of England and I believe he created government in the
church. Some how Pastor and Bishop (overseer) became associated with a
minister. I believe King James instilled in the Bible his ideas of how the
church should be governed. He was the head of the church of England and below
him were bishops ministers and deacons and at the bottom of the rung is the
servants or laity. Rom. 12:6-7; 1Pet. 4:10-11 The ministry is a spiritual
gift and each one of us have a gift to minister to the saints
(the body of Christ). We are not only the body of Christ, but we are
a ministry and each one of us is one of God's ministers. When we were baptized,
we were put into God's service. I believe everyone is a minister
(a servant to the saints) we all serve in some capacity. We serve
individually but it works out collectively to make every time we get together
an enjoyable experience. The ministry isnít something you are ordained into
it is something you do, as a result of Godís gift. It is God doing His work through us.
We canít do anything if God is not working through us.

When I told that person I was a minister was I wrong?

---Will Blair