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Fundamental Beliefs

The Bible is the inspired Word of God. (2Tim 3:16)

The 10 commandments reflect God's way of life and the basic blue print for defining what is right and what is wrong. (Ex. 20:1-17; 31:13-17; Mat 5:17-19; Mark 2:27-28)

God gave mankind annual Holy Days that reveal God's plan of salvation.(Lev 23; ICor 5:7-8; Acts 2:1; 18:21; 20:16)

Jesus Christ is the Son of God & our Savior. (Luke 2:25; Matt 3:17; John 4:42)

Jesus Christ is the Sole Head of the Church of God. (Col 1:24; ICor 12:27; Eph 1:20-23)

The foundation doctrines of Hebrews 6:1-2:

Salvation comes by grace through faith. (Eph 2:8)

We are rewarded for good works. We will be with Christ on the earth when he returns with our reward. (Rev 20:12; Matt 16:27)

The gospel (good news) is about The Kingdom of God including how Jesus Christ died for us to give us unmerited access to this kingdom. (John 6:29; ICor 15:14; 2Cor4:4-5; 10:14; Eph 1:13; Mark 1:1,14)

Guiding Principals of our Fellowship Meetings:

We have a congregational form of government. (2Cor 1:24; Acts 6:3-6,11:22;15:22)

Women are encouraged to present, teach and lead discussions. (Acts 2:1-4,17; ICor 11:5; 14:1)

Inter-dependent reflects our belief that the majority of brethren that came from the Worldwide Church of God persuasion remain as part of the ekklesia whether they have joined a hierarchical organization, a loosely organized living room organization, or have chosen to stay at home and observe God's Sabbath. We would like to share our gifts as we are able with all such brethren and offer our group meetings to any who seek fellowship.

Topics we believe that brethren can come to different conclusions and still be of the body of Christ.

Brethren Who Attend: